Need More Income? Sell Your Knowledge

'Ink Pens' photo (c) 2009, TMAB2003 - license: deep into your body of work and experience. What do you know that others are willing to pay you for? Think! Build a short list. People around the world are willing and able to pay for “in the trenches,” practical knowledge about virtually any topic. From collection strategies, knitting, hat making, writing a book, building a WordPress web site, using Micosoft Excel… there is a demand for your specialized knowledge.

The key is to, not only identify what you have to offer, but to take that first step and START. Visualize your “end game” – where do you want to be? Then, works backwards and deconstruct how to “get there.”

Finally, start marketing now! Begin today with one baby step towards building a presence. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a must. A basic Wordrpess web site is required. How to begin? Start at Amazon. And start with: Guy Kawasaki’s “APE.”