How to Make Money in Your Underwear

Everyone dreams of making money in their underwear.

It’s doable!

You need to launch. Begin. One foot in front of the other.

The Four Day Work Week by Tim Ferris is still a great book just to get your juices flowing and learn enough to be dangerous.

For many of my readers, affiliate programs can be a great start.

You don’t need a product. You don’t have to write a book.

Simply get your Blog up and running. Then review a service such as web site hosting. Everyone needs their website/blog hosted.

Bluehost has an affiliate program. Sign up and get an affiliate link.

Then promote it. Friends, family, peers… it’s a good web site hosting provider you can feel good about promoting.


How to Make Money for Boomers

Baby boomers have lots of advantages today! We’ve been around a while and we have seen it all. We have experience and knowledge. We have witnessed some amazing events. No need to list them again here.

The Internet represents a MAJOR CHANGE! From the comfort of  our home we can make A LOT OF MONEY!

Think back! Dig deep! YOU have special knowledge. You have information that people will pay you for. Examine your past. What did you spend all those years doing?

What niche(s) do you have a unique insight into? How have you earned a living in the past?

Break your special knowledge into thin slices. Not the whole pie.

Example? You have a real estate sales background? Don’t attempt to to build a, “How to Sell Real Estate” guide or video. Instead, focus on a tiny slice of your subject. Niche it down… “How to Implement Seller Financing” or “Using Craig’s List to Sell Your Home.”

You’ve been in the accounting field all your life? Pick a slice… “Tax Ramifications of 1031 Exchanges.” Or, “How to Use Quick Books for Restaurants.”

Once you’ve identified your niche, develop an outline of your subject. Read everything you can get your hands-on to increase your knowledge. What have others done in your niche? No need to copy other works. Simply explore your competition and add your own insights and twists. Solve a problem. Share your expertise.

Oh, and don’t forget to focus on a subject you enjoy. It will be much easier to sit in your underwear at your computer and create new posts on your Blog, actually write a Guide or develop a video for sale to your eager customers, and watch your bank account grow.

Finally, don’t cop out and think someone else is already in your niche. If there is money to be made, OF COURSE COMPETITION EXISTS! But there are still problems to be solved and multiple methods of sharing, teaching and training.

Next, we’ll discuss how to determine if there really is a market willing to spend money with you and how to actually get your “How to Guide or Video” written.

For now, begin exploring your past experience. What special knowledge do you have others will pay you for? Think! Probe! You just might be surprised!!

Niche: Selling Information

First, imagine your perfect day making money. If you envision selling information via a web site you’re on your way.

Next, what are you interested in? What do you have special knowledge about? What subject can you put together an information package about and offer for sale to consumers that are also interested in your subject?

In other words what niche do you plan to attack?

Once you’ve identified this niche, do some research. Use to find sites and forums and blogs focused on your target niche. How many searches were done last month on keywords related to your proposed niche.

How many advertisers are there at Google? Yahoo? Miva?

Your goal is to determine how much demand there is for your proposed information package. After all, if your target niche is “underwater basket weaving” and there were only 5 searches last month for this search term on you won’t make a dime! There is zero demand.

Part 2 to be continued…