How to Make Money in Your Underwear

Everyone dreams of making money in their underwear.

It’s doable!

You need to launch. Begin. One foot in front of the other.

The Four Day Work Week by Tim Ferris is still a great book just to get your juices flowing and learn enough to be dangerous.

For many of my readers, affiliate programs can be a great start.

You don’t need a product. You don’t have to write a book.

Simply get your Blog up and running. Then review a service such as web site hosting. Everyone needs their website/blog hosted.

Bluehost has an affiliate program. Sign up and get an affiliate link.

Then promote it. Friends, family, peers… it’s a good web site hosting provider you can feel good about promoting.


Bartender Jobs, Waiter and Line Cook Careers Grow: No Worries

How to make money in your underwear.

As of 2016, virtually every employee who “lost” their job in manufacturing can replace it with a bartender job. According to BLS/Zero Hedge, the “food services and drinking places” employment numbers increased to┬á11,307,000. This easily offsets all the manufacturing jobs lost.

Ain’t that good news!

What’s that you say? But manufacturing jobs pay a lot more than waiters, bartenders and busboys.” No worries. If you have not yet figured out how to make money in your underwear, you can just get a job with “ or or… Any of the crowd sharing companies.

Or, learn how to make money in your underwear.

It’s not magic. Just hard work. But it sure beats the alternative. And yes, there are literally millions of folks dumber than you doing it. Right now… as you read this.

What do YOU know a lot about? Or, what can you become an expert in? [Note to self: an expert is simply someone who knows more about a subject than the gal sitting next to me ­čÖé ]

So then what?

  • Buy a good domain name
  • Get a website hosting account
  • Signup with Aweber for email drip campaigns
  • Find a good WordPress Theme.
  • Outsource to Odesk to install your Theme.
  • Take a class online or at your local community college and learn WordPress. It’s about as hard as Microsoft Word. Youtube has tons of free resources also.
  • Start writing today
  • Write an eBook and add it to your website
  • Add Paypal to make some money with your eBook
  • Add content to your WordPress site 2/3 times every week
  • Leave comments on related websites and blogs
  • Build a LinkedIn profile and link to your WordPress website
  • Get a Twitter account
  • get a Disqus account and answer questions related to your expertise
  • Get a free Clarity account and setup your expert page
  • Add the Clarity widget to your website
  • Rinse and repeat. Continue to learn, stretch and grow!

Baby Boomer Making Money Online

How Babay Boomers Make Money OnlineIt’s a fact! “Baby Boomer Making Money Online” is a Google search term trending up dramatically per Google’s Trend Tool. ┬áThere are more baby boomers looking for jobs today than there are young adults under twenty-five looking for work. The only area of the economy creating new jobs is in leisure and hospitality; traditionally part-time gigs.

What most baby boomers fail to realize is that they often have special skills and knowledge they can sell via the Internet. What do the millennials have to teach anyone? maybe how to live with Mommy?

You’re a baby boomer? And you have no clue how to write a book, create a video, build a website… and make more money than an Uber driver? I know you can do it because I have. I’m a boomer who got a “How to Make Money in Your Underwear” and outsourced all the stuff I don’t know how to do. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure this stuff out! But you do have to take the first step and begin. Today! Now!!

Begin your journey by clicking on my link to “The Four Hour Work Week,” by Tim Ferris. Invest in YOU! Take the first step. You deserve it.

OH, and don’t forget to sign up for my free monthly Newsletter. That’s it in your upper right-hand corner of this web page. Allow an “Old Dude” figured this Internet thing out and changed my life! Give me an Internet connection and I can make money anywhere. I’ll show you how I continue to do it today from Paris, Newport Beach, Miami…

James Altucher: Don’t Go to College

10 Essential Skills for Making Money by James Altucher
10 Essential Skills for Making Money by James Altucher

Ah… James Altucher. I love this guy! He writes from the heart. He’s been WAY UP THERE and WAY DOWN THERE! In other words he has perspective. Extreme failure and the heights of success. READ HIM. Get his newsletter. Read his books!

No More Gold Watches

McDonald’s announced severe layoffs at their headquarters and the requirement that employees reapply for their jobs. Unreal. You think a job offers security? A college degree guarantees a future? Think again. The only security you’ll ever achieve is by investing in YOU. Your brand. Yourself.

No matter your age – I’m talking to you “Baby Boomer” – keep learning every day. Listen to podcasts (If you don’t know what a podcast is, “Google it.”

Read! Every day!! Always be reading to improve yourself.

Don’t give up. Even 30 minutes per day invested in YOU equals 183 hours per year improving yourself.

Here’s the McDonald’s announcement:

“The layoffs, which sources said affected workers across all departments, are effective immediately. Dozens of other employees were informed that they would have to reapply for new positions within the company as it shifts resources in amid the restructuring. Those workers have a week to decide, sources told Crain’s. Those who lost their jobs or who opt not to reapply will be provided with severance packages and other assistance, the company said.”


Ideas, Inspiration & Insight: Resources

All of us need a “shot” of inspiration now and then. I rely on a few resources regularly. I’ve studied many successful individuals. The one recurring theme they offer is to ALWAYS be a student. So… for your pleasure:

Business Rock Stars


These are two of my top picks. Both are free. Both offer you the ability to listen to the pod casts while you work-out; another critical element to your success. Mind, body, spirit…

Give yourself a chance! Check these out. What resources can you add? No fair, your own self-serving B.S. :o)

Need More Income? Sell Your Knowledge

'Ink Pens' photo (c) 2009, TMAB2003 - license: deep into your body of work and experience. What do you know that others are willing to pay you for? Think! Build a short list. People around the world are willing and able to pay for “in the trenches,” practical knowledge about virtually any topic. From collection strategies, knitting, hat making, writing a book, building a WordPress web site, using Micosoft Excel… there is a demand for your specialized knowledge.

The key is to, not only identify what you have to offer, but to take that first step and START. Visualize your “end game” – where do you want to be? Then, works backwards and deconstruct how to “get there.”

Finally, start marketing now! Begin today with one baby step towards building a presence. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a must. A basic Wordrpess web site is required. How to begin? Start at Amazon. And start with: Guy Kawasaki’s “APE.”

Thoughts on Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd

I’m often asked by peers in my niche how I manage to rank so well in the search engines and not go broke using Google’s PPC AdWords Program. Well, there are a couple of reasons:

  • I’ve been subscribing to Perry Marshall’s Newsletters since 2003. I’ve read every one of his books. I listen-in on all the conference calls he organizes. And finally, I IMPLEMENT his strategies and tactics. He and Bryan Todd have been offering their insight into “playing the Google AdWords game” for years. Not only do they “talk-the-talk” but they “walk-the-walk.”In Man and Superman, 1903, George Bernard Shaw suggested that:

    “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.”

    It’s obvious to anyone who reads, “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” by Marshall and Todd that these guys can do both!

  • The new chapters on “The Dark Side of Google” were of particular interest to me. I, and more than a few of my clients, have experienced the wrath of Google. Again, Marshall & Todd do a brilliant job of explaining this phenomena and how to deal with it.
  • The previous editions to “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” by Marshall and Todd were jamb-packed with additional resources and tools. The 3rd edition goes even farther in this regard.

“The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” lists for $24.95. Only a fool would continue to run Google AdWords campaigns and NOT invest in, study and implement the ideas in it. And no, you’ll not find an affiliate link to Amazon here. Just get their book!

Jer – Trihouse